One of the traditional means of making museum collections and information about them accessible and known to the general and professional public is publishing. Publication is therefore firmly integrated into the activities of the Municipal Museum of Česká Třebová. Minor works were published from the late 1980s throughout the 1990s, presenting the general public with information on some partially regional topics related to history, art history, literature, national history, and science.

In the new millennium, the quality of the works published by the museum improved through the publication of catalogues accompanying some exhibitions, especially those dealing with important local figures. Another leap in quality was marked by the publication of the first volume of the Museum Yearbook in 2005. It contained original, mostly specialised studies. The second, and currently most recent, volume of this periodical was published as a triple issue in 2008.

In addition to the printed informational materials, the museum publishes picture postcards related to the region of Česká Třebová. Museum staff members also participate in the production of promotional and tourist materials published by the Municipality of Česká Třebová.

The Municipal Museum of Česká Třebová